Clinton Callahan: Building Love That Lasts

Secrets for Creating an Extraordinary Life and Profound Intimacy with Your Partner

2. Edition, July 2020
Publisher: Hohm Press,
561 pages
Paperback 11 x 8.5 x 1.1 inches
ISBN: 978-1942493549



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This hard-hitting and innovative book about man-woman relationship challenges the deceptions about love and intimacy rampant in today's patriarchal culture and reveals a step-by-step process for discovering and living out alternative possibilities.

According to the author, even the "best" of our relationships are still generally basic level: what he calls "Ordinary Human Relationship." Two more domains remain to be explored: Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Love. Radiant Joy Brilliant Love shows how to enter these new domains and how to stay there long enough to cultivate genuine intimacy, nurturance, excitement, and satisfaction together.

The material for the book is startlingly original and fresh, directly distilled from over 30 years of trial, error, and evaluation within seminars and trainings conducted by the author in the United States and Europe. The essential teaching tools are "Thought-Maps" that illustrate and guide the dynamics of evolving relationship, coupled with a series of experiments/"explorations" to be engaged alone or with one's partner. The author claims that "an endless abundance of love can be directly experienced by any human being who prepares himself or herself." That preparation is what this book offers.

Warning: You will not work with this book - this book works with you. This book is filled with memetic viruses - ideas that swarm through every level of your thinking, replacing any ideas they find that are formulated with less clarity. Your mind will not digest this book. This book digests your mind. If you do not want your present ideas about relationship seriously reordered, do not read this book.



“A powerful Instrument for learning love by doing exactly what its reviewers claimed. You won't digest this book, it will digest you. Reading it is like importing a computer virus that replaces everything in your hard drive regarding love that was wishy-washy and full of victimhood and installs clarity and personal responsibility. The light is so bright it may hurt your eyes. Clinton Callahan establishes a new "possibility" language that builds on and synthesizes previous psychological models and creates powerful new personal growth tools for self and relationship. This book is the closest thing to a manual of Awareness and Awakening that I have ever encountered. There is no where to hide from yourself after you've read this book. If you read it, you will share it with everyone who is important to you and use the concepts and experiments revealed every day for the rest of your blessed life.”

- Peleg D. Midgett



“I just started this book and I am already enthralled. Can't wait to get into the meat of what the author has to say about relationships. This is a no holds bared look at the games we play with our lives and how this affects our relationships with others.”

- Glad2Be



“I have been happily married for 33 years. Many of my friends and acquaintances have not. They are divorced, some several times. They are unhappy and unsatisfied in their current relationships. They have resigned themselves to an "OK" relationship, but the passion and energy for joining together with their partner in a deeper and vibrant life died long ago. When I heard someone talk about Radiant Joy Brilliant Love, I thought that the book was for them, the unhappy people, not for me. I already had a good relationship. My partnership was full of life.

But, this book is explosive! It has given me so many new ideas for looking at my life and my relationship in vital ways that I never imagined before. I am so grateful for the serious time I've devoted to this challenging but rewarding book. I highly recommend it to anyone in a partnered relationship, even--perhaps especially--if they think their current relationship is as good as it can get.”

- Sara Ryan, editor and publisher of the American edition



“Although the subtitle suggests that this book is for people who want to build a more satisfying relationship with a partner (and it is that), the book actually provides fundamentally new ways for creating and being in any relationship. Typically we entrap ourselves in a well-defended box made of unchallenged ideas, opinions, and values imposed upon us by our culture and peers. Relationships between boxes are what the author refers to as "ordinary human relationship," and it's the only kind of relationship most of us ever know. While the book alerts the reader to the existence of two higher levels of relationship (extraordinary and Archetypal) and guides him or her to those higher levels, a browser can gain substantive value by simply opening the book and reading a few pages at random. It's hard to avoid a new idea, an inspirational anecdote, or a challenging exercise that crawls its way into your psyche. But be forewarned. This is a dangerous book. On the back cover there's a disclaimer in a highlighted box that says, "Warning: You will not work with this book - this book works with you. This book is filled with memetic viruses - ideas that swarm through every level of your thinking, replacing any ideas they find that are formulated with less clarity. Your mind will not digest this book. This book digests your mind. If you do not want your present ideas about relationship seriously reordered, do not read this book." Take it seriously.”

- N. Lewis



“Translating "Building Love That Lasts" into German took me one and a half years. During that time the book permeated all angles of my life with its relentless practical examples. It felt as if the book itself was a living being, as if it was bigger than me. Maybe you know the feeling of deeply knowing that something is true, even if you can’t explain it with words? When I have an insight I tend to automatically make it into my own personal dogma. I then decide something like, “Aha! I’ve got the answer!” But as soon as I had my dogma the book would shatter it with further or deeper insights. My built-up opinions were destroyed in the next minute. The book prohibits dogma because it has a bigger purpose: to build in me a more authentic ability to love and to be in relationship. I was brought to a deeper level of understanding which had nothing to do with opinions or beliefs.
Each day while translating my feelings got stirred up. I felt sad about the pain that I had caused for people, mostly those I love dearest. I felt afraid about how shocked other people might be when they read these words. I felt also joy – ecstasy actually – about other people having the chance to get these maps and ideas. And I felt anger that we did not have this information already. I thought that if enough people knew these things we might not have war anymore because the warfare in each individual would cease.
Tears of happiness often ran down my cheeks while translating because throughout the process it was not just words that I was writing. I did experience these things in reality, first hand by living with the author. I confirm that all that is written in this book is possible and true.”

- Marion Lutz