Clinton Callahan

Since 1975 Clinton Callahan has been working together with small and bigger teams researching and documenting ways that reality is invented and sustained in day-to-day affairs. Reality-making procedures were extracted, simplified, named, formulated into tools, thoughtmaps, processes and nonlinear meeting technologies, and repeatedly tested. Since 1998 he has been training individuals and organizations how to use Possibility Management for reinventing reality on purpose so as to tap unseen resources and produce more effective results.

Clinton has lived and worked in the USA, Australia, Japan and Europe. Through delivering transformational training spaces such as Expand The Box, Possibility Labs and Trainer Guild Labs, and customized context-clarification processes for next-culture ecovillages and nanonations (such as Zegg, Tamera, Siebenlinden, Niederkaufungen, Tempelhof, Schloss Glarisegg, the Global Ecovillage Network - GEN, and NextGEN) Clinton and fellow Possibility Trainers bridge people into adult-initiating cultures naturally emerging from the context of radical responsibility.